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Our Beautiful New York

Sanja on bike--5 20 Met, EV, CP w Sanja biking270520_2465IMG_3583.JPG

Our Beautiful New York is a feature-length documentary about New York City from the Covid pandemic shut-in and lockdown to the reemergence and celebration.

Photography began at the earliest days of lockdown, March 2020.  Although the film is at the end of postproduction, it will not be released until 2030, ten years after the first lockdown. By then many will have almost forgotten about the most catastrophic shutdown the world has ever known.

The story is told through a series of still images with music. Film and video are meant to give the illusion of movement, of life, of happening now. A still image is frozen in time. It was essential to capture what we were living through at the time as an unaltered document.

There are no actors, no characters, no narration or voiceover. 

Our Beautiful New York is for future generations to see what NYC looked like during the pandemic. It is also for those who stayed in New York during the entire confinement. 

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