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Terence Donnellan is a producer, director, writer, and editor for film and television.


He produced, directed, wrote, and edited the feature documentary "Shelter in the City" about homelessness in New York City. It played at film festivals, on television, and was nominated for an Emmy award.


His second documentary, "Refugees: Enemies or Victims?", is about the Syrian refugee crisis. He was the producer, director, writer, and editor. It played in festivals, on television, and was nominated for an Emmy award. 


"Artists in NYC" is the third documentary, which he produced, directed, wrote, shot, and edited. This played at the Fine Arts Film Festival. In 2023, it became available nationally for distribution through all PBS / public television stations.  


In television, he was Senior Producer for DeSales Media, where he was responsible for producing and directing entire television seasons for five different shows over multiple years.


He has also produced, directed, written, and edited short fiction films. 


His work has been seen on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Vudu, Tubi, Plex, and other international streaming platforms. 

His literary novel, “A Tincture of Madness”, looks at the fine line between genius and madness and is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Theatre plays have been seen in five small theaters in NYC. Although not really a “visual artist” he has also exhibited and sold his text-based paintings.


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Sanja Frank, producer Artists in NYC

Sanja studied Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris and launched her international career from Italy before moving to New York City. She speaks five languages and has lived in New York, Paris, Croatia, Italy, and India. Artists in NYC is her first film production.

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